-|2|- Too early, too late

Hi again! So here’s the promised post 🙂

So – this cute shirt in Brown and denim high-waist skirt in Vintage are both from GizzA! <—- See this? I highly suggest you tp there right now and check out the awesome outfits as well as separate clothing pieces that Giz makes!
Then we have the beaded necklace from Finesmith! The jewelry Yula makes is absolutely stunning! Every piece is made with a huge attention to detail and also comes with many different textures which means it can suit any outfit you wear. Check it out because I don’t think you want to miss out on a huge selection of beautiful jewelry as well as many gifties, or do you? I’m also happy seeing Yula ‘expand’ her jewelry making. What I mean is that she not only makes jewelry, but in the case also shoes! Yes, those amazing boots also come from Finesmith. I’m wearing only one example from the collection of Journey boots which is in Orange. There are more colors like Plum, Winterand Gold to mention a few.

This hawt black jacket is from Aoharu and comes in two options which I didnt know about until I actually opened the folder. It was a really nice surprise to find out you can wear it both with long sleeves and short sleeves. Obviously here I’m wearing it with long sleeves :p

Now, this hairstyle is called Sake from LoQ – really cool and casual and suits pretty much any everyday outfit. Make sure you check out Gia’s hairstyles because every each and one of them is great!

Last but not least we have  Henna_III skin from Mother Goose which cost A LOT. It costs one whole linden! (1L) Can you believe this??

Hope you enjoyed!
+Credits+ (slurl’s are above)

  • **GizzA** Flower Children Shirts [Brown]
  • **GizzA** HighWaist Denim Skirt [Vintage]
  • AOHARU_BT_ShortJeanJacket_Black(LongSleeve)
  • “LoQ Hairs” Sake – Black
  • Finesmith Charlotte beads- Tigereye
  • Finesmith Journey Orange leather
  • .::Mother Goose’s::.HENA-III_(B)1L

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