-|10|- Back

Hey guys! I’m glad to be back in SL which also means I’m going to resume blogging. I’ll be turning this blog into a picture blog which means I’ll be spending more time on editing the photos and then I’ll just list the credits without writing up a whole post. I just suck at writing things plus there are so many other blogs which have amazing descriptions, so yeah I gave up on that 😛 Hopefully my styling and editing will make up for that!

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-|9|- Come here

Hey guys 🙂 I’m still on my mission to post more frequently and up until now it’s going okay. I should blog a new post in at least one week’s time…maybe even less!
Oh, I’ve been fiddling around in Photoshop and with the amazing help of Badon Rain I  managed to improve my editing skills a little bit. I hope that soon I’ll learn how to edit my photos the way I have them pictured in my head! Continue reading

-|6|- Pom Pom

Hello there. Here I am, wearing the Pom Pom jumpsuit in Red from Gizza created by the lovely Giz Seorn. I gotta say I love jumpsuits. Since it’s just one piece of clothing you don’t have to worry about combining it with other clothes, except maybe just a jacket if you want. I like the floral print of this jumpsuit and the fact that a few flowers are fully red and the others are just outlined… reminds me a little bit of abstract. And of course I love the red and white color combo so that’s the reason why I chose the red one 🙂 Also, its MESH so there are 4 sizes you can choose from as well as 3 colors – Red, Purple and Black.

You can’t see my shoes but they’re from Gizza aswell and they’re the Wedge Boots in Blue.

I think Tyler Barineaux came up with the idea of making a pic together… err I don’t remember cos my memory is like that of a goldfish – 3 seconds :p

I sooo like the blazer and the trousers along with that small belt! It looks great and the floral print is just on one side of the leg which makes it look perhaps more manly? Compared to if the trousers were fully in floral print, in my opinion. This Pom Pom suit also comes in Red, Purple and Black along with the sneakers!

His hair is from Burley called Hans in Black 01 by Bella Earst.

I’m wearing the Voyante necklace and ring from je suis… by Julia Merosi. I wear it many times because it just suits almost everything! It can have a plain color like in this shot or you can wear the *gemstone* one where you choose from a variety of gemstones which looks great too.

The lipstick is from blackLiquid MAKEUP by BlackLiquid Tokyoska. It’s the matte series in Orinoko which perfectly suits the color of the necklace 🙂 I added a tattoo layer from Mad’ called Line lips in Red by Eve Kazan.

This hair is one of my favorites as I usually wear this hairstyle in RL except  the difference is that my color is dirty-blonde. This ones from[Lelutka] called OOPS in Syrup.

And last but not least is the beautiful skin Layla in Natural from -Glam Affair- by Aida Ewing!

Thanks for reading!

Angel xox