Contact Me

There are four ways you may contact me.

  1. Just send me an IM. If I’m online I will get it, if I’m offline I will still get it via email. But- it’s very rare but if I do happen to crash then please send me another IM. You’ll know that I crashed if you sent me an IM max half an hour ago and I still didn’t reply.
  2. Well the second way is to send me a notecard. Personally, I’m never bothered to do that so I just keep on IM’ing and IM’ing until I get what I want 😛 So if you’re like me…just move on to the third way.
  3. Here’s the third way. Send me Flickr-mail
  4. Just so you know…Any one of these 3 that you choose, will all be sent to my mail so might aswell just ignore all the above ones and send me an email🙂

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