-|1|- Hello and Welcome

Wow. I can’t believe I finally came to blogging. This is like… unbelievable.

Anyways… Hello and welcome to my blog!

I think I’ll be posting like 1 post every week or something because the first time I actually decided to properly style an outfit, it took me freaking ages! Here’s why: I started styling this outfit like two days ago, then I decided to go and try a bunch of demos and then my Avi wouldnt load for the life of it (as if it has one) SO I had to do the character test thingy -.- which turned my whole Avi into a noob (no offence to noobs) and then I had to remember the whole list of items I wore and so on. Plus I’m not in SL that often because of school and exams coming up so I have to study and all that – you get the idea.

Regarding my blog in general. Umm, it’s more of an informal blog where I just post the stuff I like and rant about whatever comes to my mind. There’s no specific  schedule or whatever. But as I said I’ll try to stick to the 1-post-per-week first and then I’ll increase it to 2 and/or more if I have enough free time in RL. Also I’ll be adding more ‘sections’ or ‘categories’ soon in order for this blog to seem a lil more interesting.

So, there’s another post coming up next in however-long-it-takes-me-to-write-the-credits. Stay tuned!


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