-|14|- Color Pop ft. Leah McCullough

Color Pop

What I’m wearing(left):

Miamai– Fierce & Fabulous_05

-MONS- Nails “Sugar cat” & Reindeer Necklace (green)

>Truth< -Adeline w/Roots – chocberry

Loovus Dzevavor: Egokituta Jeggings Nanas & Gizarte Blouse Etro

2REAL :LOW CUTTLERZ (Female size)

Glance Skins – Nyasha – Chocolat – Black Brows

FAKE : Realistic Eyes [Green shades] Jungle

Scene: [ CIRCA ] – “Seraphim” Pergola Lounge – Teal/Tan (11 pos) S.E. by Cherelle Capra

Wanna know what Leah is wearing? Check out her blog here.

Angel xo

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