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Hey guys! I’m glad to be back in SL which also means I’m going to resume blogging. I’ll be turning this blog into a picture blog which means I’ll be spending more time on editing the photos and then I’ll just list the credits without writing up a whole post. I just suck at writing things plus there are so many other blogs which have amazing descriptions, so yeah I gave up on that 😛 Hopefully my styling and editing will make up for that!


[[LD]] Major: CINQUE Bodysuit Noir [shirt]

[PM]Nails V2

“LoQ Hair” Tiramisu – Brown

-Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.04 + Rea Necklace Gold w/Gold Studs

GizzA – Rococo Fiori / Boots + Skirt

Glam Affair – Ginny – Europa – 03 D

Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Grey Shadow, w3)

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